Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The Successful Blogging Blueprint
  • 2

    Promotion Ninja - Day 1

    • Day 1 - Pre-requisites
    • Day 1 - Peer Promotion
  • 3

    Promotion Ninja - Day 2

    • Day 2 - Established Blogger's Resources
  • 4

    Promotion Ninja - Day 3

    • Day 3 - Lazy Blogger's Guide to Video Marketing
    • Day 3 - Part 2 - Bonus Options
  • 5


    • Promotion Ninja Feedback Form

Do You Need More Readers for Your Blog?

From Freaking-Out to Flourishing, Take Your Website from Desolate to Populated in 30 Days

“Finally, a great way to get readers to your website. No more waiting for the Google gods.”    

“No need to spend hours stalking Facebook groups. Use this solid traffic formula instead.”    

 Pay close attention if you’re interested in:    

  • Leveraging other people’s resources to finally get the attention your blog needs    
  • Generate long-term relationships with established bloggers
  • Grab the lazy blogger’s guide to video marketing


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Dear Fellow Blogger,     

If You’re Frustrated With the constant crickets and empty analytics reports with the hope of increasing your website traffic without the need to pay through the nose for Google, Facebook or Pinterest Ads take a few moments to read this message to learn how you can break the wilderness cycle.     

Have you ever experienced any of the following?     


  •  Have you consumed over 10,321 hours of YouTube video but there is little to no improvement in your blog growth?
  •  Maybe you’ve spent over 989 hours on various webinars and still receive less than 10 visitors to your website a day.
  •  You’ve downloaded close to 7,147 freebies but nothing seems to work for your particular niche or website traffic requirements
  •  It is possible that you are falling behind on marketing tasks you know are necessary but you don’t seem to have time for?   

There's no need to struggle anymore.        

I'll show you how to attract readers to your blog so that you can go from a wilderness to a full-blown population even if no one knows you or you feel frustrated or you are not getting any traction.     


Learn How To Get Established Bloggers to Help You Get Traffic    

As a new blogger or small business owner, it is difficult to get established small business owners to promote your content to their audience.     


However, with this system that is a thing of the past.  Your content will be promoted to their audiences and you’ll be able to grow your audience in no time.     


As a Blogger for the Last 10 Years, I’ve Seen the Struggles    


I have been in your shoes and have invested thousands of blogger education and website traffic courses.     

Promotion Ninja         

  • A 3 Day Course        
  • An Easy Step-by-Step Process 
  • Get Consistent Push Button Traffic       
  • See Results In The First 30 Days

What’s Covered In This Course?     

Day 1: Create Social Proof – Get Your Blog to go Pro            

  • Promotion Ninja Cheat Sheet        
  •  Take Your Website from Beginner to Pro Status In the Module         
  •  Set Your Marketing Plan Up for Success        
  •  Build a Strong Blog Foundation on Day One

Day 2: Leverage Other People’s Resources       

  • Real push-button marketing            
  •  Get a shortcut to building lasting relationships          
  •  Access established bloggers audiences         
  •  Go from disappointed to dazzling in a few short days


Day 3: The Lazy Blogger’s Hack to Video Marketing on Steroids    


  • Get access to push-button video marketing        
  •  Create videos on the fly with little effort         
  •  Easily convert videos to suit 6 different social media platforms         
  •  Get premium grade videos for free

Convert Your Website from a Barren Wasteland to a Populated City In 30 Days    

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Still on the fence? Here Are Some Great Extras    


These extra goodies are included with your enrolment and come at absolutely no extra cost or obligation to you. With a combined value of over $100, they're free to you.    


Bonus #1: SEO Checklist      

  • Get your blog posts ready for an onslaught of juicy social media links and traffic            
  • Find out what you really need to optimise to show up in Google         
  • Remove the guesswork when it comes to making your blog post SEO friendly         
  • Make SEO headaches a thing of the past even though you have zero experience and you don’t know what you’re doing

Bonus #2: Blog Content Planner    

  • Get help planning your blog content for the next 60-90 days          
  • Reduce writer’s block and get ahead of your content planning        
  • Configure the content planner to suit your needs      
  • Get access to the planner from any device, anywhere 


It's all included when you sign up today. Of course, I know that this is a big step to finally attract quality readers to your blog and I want you to make your decision with the utmost confidence. That's why...     


Here’s a Recap of What You Get    

Day 1: Social Proof Your Blog – take your blog from beginner to pro status in 30 days or less             

Day 2: Leverage Other People’s Resources – get established bloggers to promote your stuff even if they don’t know you.             

Day 3: Lazy Blogger Video Marketing – get access to a push-button marketing formula that you can use over and over for free to crank out videos of all sizes to suit all social media platforms.             

Bonus 1: SEO Checklist – take your blog post to the next level by making them SEO ready to get ranking on page one of Google             

Bonus 2: Blog Content Planner – get the help you need to crank out blog content for the next 60 – 90 days with little effort             

If that sounds good to you, let’s get started. In just a few moments, you’ll have instant access to a formula that will take you from Freaking out to a Flourishing blog owner information and tools necessary to help you take your blog career to the next level.     

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Here's to Your Success,     

Alvern Bullard

Blogger, Podcaster and Digital Marketer

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