Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The Successful Blogging Blueprint
  • 2

    Fastest Growing Blog Types

    • Fastest Growing Blog Types - Video
  • 3

    Find Popular Blog Topics

    • Find Popular Blog Topics Fast - Theory
    • Popular Blog Topics on Pinterest
    • Google Comparison
  • 4

    Trending on Pinterest

    • Trending on Pinterest - Part 1
    • Trending on Pinterest - Part 2
  • 5


    • Create Stunning Blog Posts
    • Ultimate Blog Planner
  • 6

    Course Survey

    • Blog Topic Ninja Survey

Need to Find Traffic Sucking Blog Topics?

Find 365 Days of Traffic Sucking Blog Post Topics In 3 Days or Less


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Pay close attention if you’re interested in:           

  • Finally, write what your readers want to read and grab the attention of your audience       
  • Generate an entire list of topics for 60-90 days in a matter of minutes instead of days
  • No need to research new topics again until next year.


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Dear Fellow Part-time Blogger,     

If You’re Frustrated With your lack of time combined with writing blog post after blog post that gets you less than 10 page views a day. Feeling like your work from home dream will never become a reality. Take a few minutes to read this important message that will transform your side hustle for you.     


Have you ever experienced any of the following?     

  •  You wrote 20-50 blog posts but your blog traffic is abysmal, to say the least
  •  Working 20 hours a week on your side hustle but seeing little results.
  •  Spending a lot of time freaking out trying to find topics for the next week for your blog
  •  Falling behind on blogging tasks that you know is necessary but you don’t seem to have time for?   

There's no need to struggle anymore.     

I'll show you how to find traffic sucking blog post topics for the next 365 days even if you are just horrible at SEO, you are not a first-class writer and you hate research.        


You too Can Write Magnetic Posts that Get Readers to Share your Content       

How I Went from Hating Writing to Producing 1st Class Content    

A few years ago, I was like you I hated writing. In fact, I use to pay people $10 to write blog posts for me.        

When these posts did not get any reaction from my readers, I decided that something needed to change.     

Then I spent weeks writing my first post and even got my sister to proofread it.  I published it on LinkedIn, and this is what happened.    


I got 719 views, 32 likes, 20 comments and 3 shares.  I was ecstatic and I needed to find out how to replicate these results without needing to spend weeks writing and proofreading a single post     


Blog Topic Ninja    

  • Find Popular Blog Topics Fast Even if Your Niche is Not Visual
  • Map Out Blog Topics for the Next 365 Days
  • No More Writer’s Block or Freaking Out on What to Write Next
  • Write About Topics that Capture the Attention of your Audience


What’s Covered In This Course?     

Module 1: Fastest Growing Blog Types on the Planet    

Fastest Growing Blog Types You Need to Know            

  •  Learn about the different blog types available so that you can…
  •  Grow your blog as fast or as slow as you want
  •  See the relevant case studies and what you need to do to copy them
  •  No need to wait 3-5 years to create a profitable blog if your blog is one of the 4 fastest blog types

Module 2: Grab the Best Places to Find Traffic Sucking Blog Topics    


Traffic Sucking Goldmine    

  •  Grab the secrets from professional bloggers on finding topics that explode your blog   
  •  Watch over my shoulder as I pull back the curtain and walk you through step by step
  •  No need to compete with Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post or Inc Magazine for readers   
  •  Learn how to get ranking in two of the top search platforms on the planet for your blog posts


Module 3: The Trend is Your Friend    


Trend Mining        

  •  Find out how to ride trends to get results    
  •  Grab these insane strategies that will turn trends on its head
  •  Learn what is trending right now so that you can ride the wave    
  •  No need for a huge amount of research, bar charts or graphs


Get to Your Dreams Faster Using This Simple Course    


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Still on the fence? Here Are Some Great Extras    

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Bonus #1: Create Stunning Posts    

After you find traffic sucking blog topics you will need to write your blog post in a format that will get your readers to stay          

  • Learn what you need to include in every blog post 
  • Use the simple format included in this bonus
  • Go from zero to hero using the tips outlined before clicking publish

Bonus #2: Ultimate Blog Planner    

You will need to organize your traffic sucking blog post in a central repository that is very flexible like this Ultimate Blog Planner         

  • Use this flexible blog planner to outline 365 days of blog posts 
  • Reduce bloggers overwhelm by streamlining your editorial calendar
  • Have everything in one place including your titles, keywords, images, videos, etc.
  • Grow your team using this simple tool and outline the different stage of each post.

It's all included when you sign up today. Of course, I know that this is a big step to finally get traffic sucking blog topics and I want you to make your decision with the utmost confidence. That's why...     

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It is...completely risk-free.     


Here’s a Recap of What You Get    

Module 1: Fastest Growing Blog Types Case Study – finally build the blog type of your dreams    

Module 2: Find Traffic Sucking Blog Topics – find magnetic blog topics that your audience loves    

Module 3: Trends Goldmine – Learn what is actually trending in granular detail so that you can ride every wave    

Bonus 1: Stunning Blog Posts – Find out what you need to create stunning blog posts every single time.    

Bonus 2: Ultimate Blog Planner – Go from freaking out to organized using this awesome blog planner    


If that sounds good to you, let’s get started. In just a few moments, you’ll have instant access to this traffic sucking resource which has information and tools necessary to help you take you from limping side hustle to a full-time blogging career.    


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Here's to You Quitting your 9 to 5,     

Alvern Bullard

Blogger + Podcaster

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